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Instructions for Foreign Students


To apply for UCDB Mobility Program in Undergraduate courses, the candidate must:

Undergraduate transcript provided by the institution, with simple translation to Portuguese recognized by the home university;

Passport copy (clear copy);

Letter indicating the student, elaborated by the home institution;

Letter of intent to stay in UCDB, written by the candidate, saying he course and where you want to attend classes, do research or internship;

For the first half of the year (February to June) until November 10

For the second half of the year (August to November) until June 10

The documents should be sent by email in PDF file to e - mail -

The documentation will be reviewed and evaluated. After that, it will be sent to Accept Letter of students accepted by our institution.


We are going to inform about conditions and procedure for acceptance.


 The Internship will have a responsible for the evaluation and control of compliance with time.

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